Humbling yourself before technique, a critique.

I recently started trying to become more active. In the process of building a business, it’s been easy to get tied to a chair in front of the computer. It’s important to get out though and be active, keeps the mind moving in the right way.

I bought golf clubs and started going to the driving range. I was pleasantly surprised to find that without having played much in the last couple years, I still had a relatively decent swing. The ball on that first day at the range was drawing and slicing all over the place, but the connection was solid and distance too. I was relatively pleased, until I set myself to the task of targeting different points on the range. It seemed that there was no way I was ever going to hit the red, blue, or green pin. I was either too far right or too far left on each try.

In that moment something happened that resonated with me after I left. I heard the voice in my head reminding me of some core tenants of a golf stance. “Knees bent, head down, keep your head down, follow through.” I’m not a golf pro by any means, but these directives stuck in with me. The rest of the time at the range that day, I repeated the mantra before taking a swing.

Lo and behold, the ball started flying straight, and the pins didn’t seem so elusive anymore. I was hitting the mark.

When I left the range, my mind drifted back to work as I drove home. The business idea I have been working on is in its infancy still, pre-seed round, the many task set to accomplish before a pitch deck all now in place to be compiled.

As I thought more about those tasks, I remembered the voice in my head I heard at the range. “Knees bent, head down, keep your head down, follow through.” Then I arrived at a thought that by no means is ground breaking, but is a lesson that can preached, though often it is best realized through personal experience.

To hit the pins on the driving range, it required me humbling myself to the fact that while I still had the natural swing to enjoy golf, it was going to require discipline and technique to reach the mark. This simple idea left me with a new feeling of humility about the startup process.

We all have our innate qualities which we know give us an upper hand in certain areas of life. Some of us are savvy with numbers, sales, marketing, or development. The reality is though, that regardless of our innate qualities, success can be measured by the level which we bend our knee before a technique or practice. Sometimes we have so much faith in ourselves that we lift our heads up before we’ve finished our swing. This is the difference between trusting a process to its end or struggling to find success.

While there are no magic formulas in the world, and despite shear luck playing its part some days, the key forward is in trusting, and humbling yourself before technique.


This contribution was written by Conor Todd, Founder of Concierge VR360

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