Finding Clarity

It's happening! I have found a new mentor who really believes in what we are building, and I am happy to say that we are building our MVP. Our focus is on an open platform, that enables content creators, while maximizing user experience.

How would you describe the edge of a memory? We all understand the phrase "I can picture that," but what exactly does "picturing that" mean? Does it hit you all at once, or is there a soft shell around your memory? When you have a thought, and another related thought occurs, how do you describe the transition from one memory to another? We seek to bridge the access of memories with the availability of technology - and that's just the beginning.

We intend to replace your phone, and have you get back to living. We will replace your worry of file sizes, device compatibility and barriers to entry. Alton.Tech is a movement, and this movement cannot be stopped.

Stay tuned.

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