Life just gets periodically weird. Keeping the faith is critical. I decided to tackle all of the things holding me back all at once. I've even managed to build my network up a bit. One of the biggest moves, includes one of the largest companies in the world. Some of their employees believe so much in Angell that they are willing to co-build the alpha.

The dropbox of 360 video is upon us. The App store of 360 video will follow. The choice of your digital heaven will follow. The replacement of your phone will follow. The ability to travel to other planets light years away will follow.

The problem is, I've been talking about these things for so long, that many of those who have listened: may now question my conviction - and those who have ignored me, now question my qualification. Its a brutal feeling, predicting the future and passionately pursuing it, only to be held back by previous startup failures, and only to have correct predictions fall upon deaf ears. Therefore, I must wipe out all of my burdens in one fell swoop. Without question, the toughest years are upon me, but rock bottom is beneath me, and I am blessed to be able to confidently say that at such a young age.

Some say I share too much, others say I haven't shared enough. At the end of the day, all futurists want to feel human. We want to be accepted and loved, but on our own terms. I can speak for myself when I say, I am on a quest to be more that "just an idea guy," which is where my passion for python programming and artificial intelligence has come from. A creative vent, to stimulate the mind, while I wait for the universe to catch up - along with my own balance sheet. Life goes on. You must persist. Pivot. Persist. Pivot. Persist.

Stay tuned...

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