Collaboration breeds success

As the VR industry continues to ramp up, it is important to reflect on a few things. These are exciting times, and investors are pouring billions in investments into the VR space. Why? Because VR is scalable, innovative, and as we say in the office "the wild west."

One of the biggest obstacles I have had to face in this industry is waiting for the tech to catch up to my inventions. As firms battle for their share of the headset market, or the 360 camera market, there will emerge victors and losers. Sadly, there will be more of the latter than the former. However, what if we could pool our funds together, and focus on maximizing the innovation aspect of the market? What if we didn't fight over the same things, and instead lifted each other upwards?

What if we focus on what each of us is good at, and instead of competing, we collaborated? Surely, there is some merit to this concept, which would greatly reduce wasted investments. This is my vision, my mission, and my strategy. Stay tuned, and watch as collaboration triumphs over wasted greed.