Time doesn't fly, when you're having fun.

photo credit: Dani Haymaker

You know that old saying, "Time flies when you're having fun"? I beg to differ. Time flies when you think it is crawling past you. Time is flying when you are miserable, depressed, lost, and alone. Time doesn't just fly, it escapes you.

For years, I have waited for the virtual reality market to come to fruition. I used to talk until I was blue in the face about the future of VR, and the applications for such technology. From the digital preservation of memories (project: Angell) to a new AI that will replace your phone, and share your life in 360 degrees - in real time (project: Navii).

I was miserable, caught up in my own self-inflicted prison. No funding, a handful of lackluster startup failures, and thousands of debt collector calls, bombard my day-to-day. Now 5 years has gone by. I am no wealthier, and I still have not appeared on the cover of Fortune magazine (yet). However, time has managed to slow down. I am with an amazing team that motivates me to pursue my highest purpose. The past few weeks have been so productive, that it feels as if a year has gone bye.

The time is now, the market is ready, and the applications of this tech are abundant. I feel empowered, rather than frozen. I feel able, rather than panicked. Anxiety no longer consumes most of my day, as it has been replaced with action. Passion is purpose, and passion has given me back my life.

If you are contemplating how you could use VR for your company, do not hesitate to reach out. I am hungry, and I have been waiting for your call for a long time. If you're on the fence, don't worry, as this train will keep going to its destination, and it is up to you to hop aboard. Once again, the time is now.


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