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I decided to take a leap of faith this week. I left my job as a consultant to pursue a career in advertising with a focus on the application of Virtual Reality to firms strategies. Official title? Creative Strategist. Not a bad title considering I am not a founder of the new firm, but they're Rock Star directors, leaders, and thinkers. They get things done, and are incredibly supportive of my plans for the future of A.T. Now I get to apply many of my ideas to companies that need them. I get to test VR, and build a stronger network. I get to sleep at night knowing that I am in my realm. I get to create.

Years have passed, and the universe has been screaming my name. From the advancements in VR to the increasing public awareness of just who Elon Musk is. When I started my entrepreneurial journey almost a decade ago, I was met with a lot of hesitation. I would pitch AltonTech's model, with emphasis on the importance of collaboration of skills. When folks would ask about my inventions, they would usually say, "Man, that's crazy. You sure that will be in our lifetime?"

Now - it is a different story. When I pitch AltonTech's model an increasing number of people reply with, "Oh, like Alphabet?" When I explain my inventions they say "Oh, like Elon Musk?" It's bittersweet, really. As public understanding of what I am working on increases, the ticking clock grows evermore deafening. Focus, patience, and hope are just a few of the traits one must possess to get through this time as an entrepreneur.

I started this journey because I believe that one person can impact the world. I believe that capitalism when carried out in a conscious manner, yields exponential return. "The nuclear model," I would call it. Every day those dreams become more realistic. Many of my ideas have been brought to market without me, which has really tested my fortitude. At the end of the day, between my early startup failures, and my continued battle for success, I have simply gone too far to turn back now. I will see this through, as a promise to myself.

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