Why I create markets, and why it's taking so long.

Market creation is a beautiful thing. Some entrepreneurs create apps, I create markets. Although, I have not had my massive success yet, I do find the silver lining in my decade-long struggle: I am on to something.

The point of AltonTech and market creation, is to inspire other entrepreneurs to create new adaptations for the technology we create. For example, when I predicted the VR market I spoke of 360 degree cameras, facebook live, usage of a cellphone and its accelerometer and other hardware requirements. I spoke of the usage for training, exploring, and video gaming. I had no intention of creating each of these things, rather I would rely on exaptations.

You see, when I predict a market, I create something that will utilize ALL innovations within the market space. So although the VR market has exploded without me, it is not too late. I have big dreams, that will impact each of your lives. This has been Project: Angell

The purpose of Project: Navii is to utilize all of the hardware previously mentioned, AND leverage the infrastructure of Project: Angell, to fully replace the need for cell phones, body guards, cameras, assistants, and more. One exaptation, would be the ability to freely roam virtual renderings of the real world. One could attend a concert not just with VR, but actually roam the concert campus in real time. One could attend class, have a meeting, or relive their wedding using the same technology and Angell's storage intention.

I had to wait for other innovators to catch up, or raise billions to research and fund every individual component of this process. But now, I can successfully store your memories for you to recall at will, revolutionize advertising, and change the world, ALL WITH WHATS AVAILABLE NOW. Time waits for nobody. Some would say to start small, but I refuse to be average.

I am seeking programmers, dreamers, and do-ers. Who is with me? Market creation, and market capitalization are the most powerful of entrepreneurial endeavours, and I cannot do this alone.