If you're not struggling, you're not trying.

Founder, Jesse Alton

The title of this post really says it all. If you're not struggling, you're not really trying. Sure, we all envision having a cozy life with a nest egg, a nice place, a paid-off car, and a stable income. As nice as that sounds, the number one detriment to progress is stagnation. Sure, that sounds obvious but too often people get so comfortable with their lives, that they forget to live a life at all.

As a species we have always pushed the limits. Quite frankly, if you want to live an extraordinary life, you must take extraordinary risk. It does please me to see so many people now talking about Elon Musk. However, what pains me, is that too many people think its just that easy, while calling all other visionaries in their own network crazy. You can't exclusively take lessons from others successes, you must understand there is an element of suffering that comes with great success.

Do you know how many times Elon Musk has almost gone bankrupt? I am sure everyone knows about our president elects bankruptcy history, but did you know just how common it is to lose it all? In fact, it is more common to lose it all, when you're playing in the big leagues, than it is to succeed. Yet, we find comfort in success stories, when in fact, the greatest lessons are in the failures.

That is where AltonTech comes in. To leverage skills, refine visions, and minimize terminal failure, through a network of learning and motivation. I have spoken on FB live numerous times about the amount of markets that I have predicted, only to fail to raise funding, and get caught in the turmoils of life. I am constantly trying to dig myself out of a financial hole from my first two startups, that I am literally watching the world come to fruition in my mind, and then without me in reality.

This time, that will not happen. Yesterday two major headlines proved a concept I have been working on. Virtual Reality concerts (duh) and a company called SeenIt who stitches viewer videos at corporate events and concerts to make a video. Project Navii will release the tether of a single camera perspective, and allow you to explore a digital rendering of the real world through stitching multiple perspectives of VR footage. Why would I share this idea with you? Simply because this time, I am not hiding. I am not afraid to fail fast, and fail often.

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