Do not fear, evolve.,d.cGw&psig=AFQjCNFstYKBhVL8jQn8YpozNoaUXm5xGQ&ust=1481294371643336

"Fail fast, fail often," or "... fail forward," populate the mindset of Silicon Valley and the like minded. It's not just a rule of thumb. This is how I live my life, and you should too.

Have you ever had an idea, say on it because you're without funding or network? Have you seen that idea launch without you? Never has being right tasted so bittersweet. Take small steps every day towards your dream and at worst, you'll fall among the contributors of that success.

Forget what others think of you. I've had plenty of people say, "Whenever people call you a bullshitter, I am like 'at least he is consistent'". That backhanded compliment doesn't stop my progress. I welcome failure. The laments entrepreneur telling me their criticism is like a new lab technician telling a master surgeon how they feel about their last operation. I have been failing all my life, and I don't intend to stop any time soon.

That is the path to mastery. Adapt. Pivot. Prevail.

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