Why I use Facebook Live.

Jesse Alton

After the election, the social media world was ravaged by a mix of emotions. Many handled the new president elect with grace. However, others were a different story. Some were distraught, and dumbfounded. Others were radical showboating bigotry. I realized, that I needed to do my part to make a change.

I decided to go live. To reassure my network of the good things to come, and the power we have as one to defuse the potential bad things to come. First, I'd like to highlight a key theory: Everyone feels their desires are "good things." The man who preaches on the corner of Pratt street does so because he feels a calling of purpose, and feels his words will spread love, and create action. The woman who gets caught shoplifting at a local CVS, does so to feed her children, or maybe to feel more attractive for her upcoming job interview.

That's the thing. We are all guided by a mix of knowledge, abilities, skills, and interests. We all have desire, we all have passion, and we all have purpose. Above all, we all make the best decisions we can, given our current blend of circumstance, happenstance, and opportunity. The terrorist feels they are correct. The statesman, feels they are correct. Although it is easier to decipher ones own position between what is just, and unjust, it is far more complicated to assume you understand the world through another persons eyes.

When our lives come to a close, if modern technology hasn't provided an infinite option of existence in this world, we are faced with but one final question, did you fulfill your life's purpose?

The purpose of AltonTech is to leverage of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Interests. To come together as a fraternal membership to do the most good. We write the rules, and we shape the future. We should be lifting each other up, rather than bashing one another for petty difference. We should spread love, not because we are told to, rather because we choose to do so. As a species we long to understand the world we live in so we apply labels. The religious state that their god is the one true answer. The radical Atheist troll the religious with regular banter and criticism. Both feel they are right, because how could they be wrong? The gun lover despises those who fear guns, and those who fear them despise the gun lover. Vegans walk into restaurants screaming "meat is murder," and the carnivore shares the video with a laughing emoji.

To quote star wars, "only the sith deal in absolutes," and that statement is far too true.

I decided to test a theory, and to come out of hiding. It isn't quite common knowledge that I am suffering along my entrepreneurial journey, but I like to think I am an open book. I value learning opportunities, but that does not take away the sting of financial turmoil. To work tirelessly towards conquering my former debts, while watching invention, after invention, of mine make Facebook headlines, without me. I had had enough. It was time to take action.

I started. No preparation. No forethought. I leaped off the metaphorical cliff, as is so common with the entrepreneurial spirit. I got mild feedback, but I noticed something. I noticed that it was helping a small handful of people. Some asked me why I am posting such weird videos. Others said I am "too cute." Regardless of subtle patronizing response, I focused on the good. You don't have to think as I do, just know why you think as you do. My words were helping someone out there. That was enough. But there was more.

I noticed that it held me accountable. With Facebook live, you don't have to have a script or a purpose. You just show the world who you are in that particular moment. No editing, no film crew, no plan. Just raw, unfiltered, you. Since starting I've gotten two people jobs, and a few first-followers. I've managed to kick it up a notch at my day job in sales, closing over $200,000 in deals in my first 6 weeks! I am not publishing videos and content to push a MLM agenda, or get more people to sign up for my newsletter. It is for a bigger purpose. One that I have devoted my life to since the young age of seven.

Now I always look to the future, but I really feel I am onto something great here. Even if it only helps one or two people, spreading positive thought is a reward in itself.

I will continue to build my army, and we will continue to increase the difference we make in this world. If you are interested in writing for this blog, or becoming a fellow innovator, please reach out. Time waits for no one. Stay tuned for a beautiful future, my freinds.