An open letter to the other 49% 

Yesterday was a nail-biter. That's the thing with two-party systems, about half of the country will be left unsatisfied. However, over the past year I've realized we have become so comfortable with predictions, our real problem. 

So comfortable: Another Hilary scandal *meh, what'd you expect* Another trump quote *meh, what'd you expect* "If trump wins, I'm moving to.." *of course they didn't move* "In the morning everyone who supported Hillary will bash the country *temper tantrums ensue*

Yesterday, I couldn't bring myself to vote all morning. I've cared about politics for most of my life. This isn't my first election. Watching those who could vote for the first time ASSUME anything about the election made me feel much older than I am.

Our nation is so used to click-and-serve, fast burritos, and safe spaces. So many of our people assumed a different outcome, but here's some advice moving forward:

1. Take defeat graciously, you wouldn't have supported temper tantrums about President Obama's election, so don't throw one now. #HEISYOURPRESIDENT

2. Get involved- don't wait until it's cool to care. Don't fight people at bars, or scream in strangers faces to feel important. Don't do it before an election. Don't do it after one. If Change is what you want, it's what you're gonna get every single time.

3. Be the change you wish to see in the world- you know, that quote you share on facebook every time summer is just around the corner and you've forgotten what politics is.

4. Be rational- whether you think President Elect Trump is or not, you need to accept some things and reject others. First of all, minorities are safe. Don't be ridiculous. We're going to reject that TPP and keep the internet free. A third party candidate did fairly well this time, so the future is looking diversified baby! Yes, say bye-bye to Obamacare. But abortions and birth control aren't going anywhere. Gay rights will continue to grow. You're going to be ok.

Now for the "bad news". Say goodbye to excuses, safe spaces, and handouts. Want to balance the wages? Start a business and pay your people well.

Startups will thrive, and risk takers will be rewarded. We will grow stronger. After all, nobody cares about your feelings, you have to forge your own path. Start now.

We just completed 8 years of Obama, and it brought forth valued social change. That social change isn't going away. To be balanced, I feel it's time for a republican or third party ;) to mix things up. Balance is key.

Your voice can't be the only one that's heard.

I've made these suggestions every year, but I'll most likely see you in 3 years, when it's "cool" to care again.

As a nation we are resilient. We have successfully ousted a 30 year career politician to instill a capitalist. Of course this is what the other nations want, because now if they go to war with us, they're fighting the very symbol of capitalism. The world stage is one of complex, twisting oddities. However the signs are right in front of you, Google it.

Do research, and stack an argument that is resilient to two party systems. Poll your peers. Raise a crew. Speak to the people. Mark your platform. Start your campaign and get into public office. That's how YOU can be productive, instead of filling social media with nonsense.

We are the greatest nation on earth. It's time to act like it. I predict, we're gonna be just fine.

P.S. I did decide to vote (and it's not who you'd think)