Time Flies

Its been a couple months since my last update. The list of blog topics have piled up to be quite astonishing in my iphones reminders app. I've been busy, to say the least. To recap here are the sparknotes:

1. The experiences we have that are too enjoyable to photograph: on the last Friday of August, I attended a monthly event in Baltimore, known as Bike Party. Thousands of people meetup in a pre-disclosed location in Baltimore on various bicycles. Ranging from your standard street cruisers, to bikes that look as if they hail from Dr. Seuss. The experience was incredible. The sun set behind a Baltimore skyline, as we ventured through the city. In some of the more historically dangerous locations, there were thousands of residents standing on the sidewalks cheering as we rode past. It felt surreal. It was still rather hot outside, so obviously I was wearing as little clothing as possible. Pockets were scarce. My phone was not easily accessible. And that was just fine. At one point near University of Baltimore, I had ventured away from my friends to the front of the pack. As I raced down a hill, I was surrounded by about 10 local kids, each like clockwork, riding wheelies around me. I felt like I was at the center of the "Flying V" from the old mighty ducks movies. The event ended at the ravens stadium. We laughed, boozed, and explored. Not a single photo was saved to my camera roll, but I will never forget the experience.

2. The new iPhone launch is an obvious (to me) case of the future of VR. The dual-camera 7+ clearly is paving way to new VR applications. Although they haven't marketed it as such, I have been hinting at this tech update for several years with my vague references to the intentions of Project: Angell. I suppose my theory will be tested some time next year. As everybody else's minds will be blown, another piece of me will die, as I feel I've waited too long.

3. With the aforementioned lament, I feel it is important to highlight the lessons I've learned providing reassurance from entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Steve Case, and Antonio Garcia Martinez. But, those lessons have been highlighted repeatedly on AltonTech's twitter, Facebook, and my daily rants. So, either engage with our social media, or read a book from one of these greats. In short, it's never too late, and don't ever give up. If you're looking for a good book that will change your entrepreneurial game, I recommend Chaos Monkeys by the latter mentioned, Antonio Garcia Martinez.

4. I had to move in September, and started a new role in my intrapreneurial day-to-day routine. Essentially, I am in sales by day, and startups by night. Ironically, I want to get into selling startups. I suppose my current day-to-day is paving the way for a stronger future.

5. I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting even MORE great local entrepreneurial hopefuls and the one thing I have learned is this: AltonTech is on to something great. I've found more cofounders with their own bright ideas, in which, we will facilitate their greatness. I can focus on what I am good at, and they can focus on what they are good at. In essence, teamwork makes the dream work - and this dream is larger than anything in human history. From a new media company, to the digital preservation of memories. AltonTech's reach will be swift and relentless. It's not about me being right, in contrast to what my doubters may feel. Rather, it is about fulfilling my destiny. We can achieve greatness, together.

6. Be humble, be patient, but do not be lazy. It is easy to say "some day," but I have already missed out on billions of dollars worth of ideas that I said "one day" to, and that day has already passed. Everything may happen for a reason, but excuses are like assholes after all.

7. I have a regular sleep schedule now. Up by about 6:30am every day. I even eat a lot better, about 75% vegan. I have a fairly regular workout schedule, and I still find time to read constantly. I am addicted to learning btw, so I had to embrace that and get serious about my daily health, if I want a bright future. I encourage you to do the same, in stride.

8. I have an amazing new girlfriend, and that's pretty cool. She doesn't suck, which is a great start. We even do cool things with horses, and eat sushi, and all that jazz. So at least for now, I'm not gonna die alone.

I will try to be more active, as blogging has really become more of an existential vent for me, but I really use this blog as an accountability platform. If I say I'll do something, I'll do it. My immediate goal is to get out of debt, repay my former lenders, bootstrap a simple startup, and close any pending bullshit holding me back. THE TIME IS NOW, and I have only gotten stronger.

2017 will be an incredible year. Just as 2016 was supposed to be, and each year prior. I have grown a lot this year, and "if I knew then what I know now" then I would be in a better place. Mainly because if I could've known then, what I know now, then that would mean I have a fu*king time machine. Project Angell would enable time travel in a sense, but I digress...

Until next time, stay hungry my friends.

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