The future to come

In such turbulent times, as a human race we tend to think about how the world will be in the future. A better visage paints the minds of civilizations around the world. Colloquial representation may vary, but advancements in technology will bring us closer to our ultimate goal of global unity.

The internet of things (IoT) will connect our very existence to the internet. Communication will be simplified with autonomous translation. Micro-Drones will hover over the shoulders of the busy New York inhabitants. These personal assistants provide instant-access to the information we today find comfort in our phones. We name our robotic compatriots. We shop through them, communicate through them, and adventure with them.

Crime is down, as more and more data is documented on a daily, organic basis. Not a world riddled with over-policing, rather a world full of accountability, and technological adherence to the law. People are not forced into making the right decisions, people must simply answer for their fallacies. These robotic assistants will not be prevented, nor will they be welcomed fully by all. Rather, children will be introduced at a young age, and through the advancement of open source innovations, and exaptations, the world will come to accept these additions just as they have so many other things. "How can I leave without my <insert name here>" , "How will I check the weather, or make a call?"

Memories will be recorded, and everyone will always have a 360-degree camera. Flat photos are so 20th century. Scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs are rock stars. The world only judges based on your contribution to society. This future is the one I foresee. Opportunity is everywhere, and anyone can become anything. Funds are no longer allocated for wars, or poverty. Funds no longer need to be allocated in such fashion. Rather, funds are allocated to exploring the cosmos, eradicating disease, and reversing aging. Funds are allocated to education, technology, infrastructure, and the people. Can you feel it? Can you imagine the good that could come from some rare pioneers that are living today? You shape the future. You decide our fate.

Passion is purpose. End rant.

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