I remember several discussions with one of my best professors at UB. I was on top of the world at the time, with a growing startup, stellar GPA, full scholarship, and an excellent personal life. The sky was the limit (still is). I announced my intention to attend Harvard Business School, or Stanford for grad school upon the completion of my program. My professor scoffed. "You don't need a Masters to be a successful entrepreneur," he would say.

I knew this to be true. I've always known it. Yet, I value knowledge to such a high degree, that I simply argued for the sake of consistency. I knew that a grad school goal like that was already a stretch, but I believe in something even more important than the clout. I am a first generation college student. I have always wanted to leave the world with a new level of respect for the Alton name. I have always had a taste for the finer things, and enjoy rubbing elbows with movers, shakers, and playboys. Yet, none of these things we my real why.

I want to source the brightest minds, for my biggest ventures.

"You belong at MIT or Stanford," I have heard many times. Although I take it as a compliment the real statement should be "You belong with MIT or Stanford." With these people, anything is possible. The mission of changing the world with radical technologies, and conscious capitalism make a bit more sense. The elites of this world aren't just living the good life, they are shaping all of our lives. Although I have strayed from my 24/7 dedication, in order to pay off my debts, I will return to UB full force with a vengeance. This world is ours, but it is my mission to really change it.

I have met so may incredible people this summer so far. I have even lost 30 pounds! Life just got better when I decided to start living. Many years rushed by like a blink as I struggled with my early startups, and I learned so much in that time. Now, I am feeling that fire in my gut stronger than ever. Something great is coming. I can see light at the end of this tunnel, and I cannot wait to live the life I have always wanted. Alton.Tech isn't just about profits. It's about creating an army, to do the most good. To prove that capitalism, is the way out of any slump. To make Alton, bigger than myself. Plus, having my own iron man suit would probably help me with the ladies.

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