Unexpected Intrapreneur

Failure is learning. These three words mean more than they appear. When a fledgling entrepreneur targets the creation of a new market, they are faced with an immense amount of adversity. Generally speaking, that is. The chance of "failure" is high, which truly means the chance of becoming an elite entrepreneur are higher. Truly, following the fail fast fail often mantra, does breed an elite entrepreneur.

I am someone who focuses on market creation. Blue Oceans. I never thought I would work for someone else again. Between scaling too quickly, with limited funds for my first, and then hiring the wrong people with my second venture, I was strapped for cash. I had just bought a new Fiat 500, something practical, and I had set up payments with my debtors, when my client pulled my funding, and I subsequently lost $18,000 overnight. Expected revenue has always been my downfall.

I had to act quickly! I reached out to some friends in Baltimore with a startup in the home remodeling sector. Truly, this was the bane to my existence in earlier phases of my journey, but something was different at this particular firm. The crew are lean, young, and agile. They're hungry for success, and the founders value my skills. Nobody is looking for a 26 year old CEO... so I had to come in entry level and work my ass off.

As a result of my skill-set, a little Game of Thrones-ing, and consistency, I have been chosen as the entrepreneur within their walls. My voice is heard. We are growing quickly, and I still have time for my startups on the side. I have never been more hungry, and I am still digging my way out of my debt, but I see light at the end of the tunnel. This time, I get to learn with O.P.M. and I love it. I will always start new ventures, and I aim to have Elon Musk himself know my name, but for now, the life of the intrapreneur isn't half bad.