Insert Rant: I often find that I disappear. With rapid failure, comes rapid learning. However, there is more to it than that. There is also rapid calibration. Rapid reflection. Rapid motivation, self-help, and mentoring. It is said that "Entrepreneurship is lonely," and no fledgling could ever consider the magnitude of this mantra.

As an innovator, you are building something that doesn't exist. Now I am not referring to the mundane, which make up about 90% of startups. I am talking about the true innovators. The futurists. Those who are 10 steps ahead. There is truly nothing more lonely, than trying to convey a new market, in a clear, concise way. Often, people begin poking holes in the concept, 1/10th of the way into your pitch, as-if they're experts on thermodynamics or magnetic fields.

I disappeared most recently, because I lost my college scholarship, when I pitched the modern VR movement. The 360* cameras, the smartphone HUD's, the applications into video games, movies, drones, communication and more. My primary goal, was to capitalize on all of these markets through a centralized, non-product-dependent cortex. Essentially the app-store for VR. "The digital preservation of memories." That was about as short and concise as I could pitch it.

After having so many failures and unexpected consequences, my life collapsed over-and-over again. I still have not given up on my conquest. I've just had to pivot, multiple times. I've found that I can predict markets, and I love business models and articulating to the masses. Alton.Tech focuses on facilitating breakthrough innovations that change the world. Through collaboration, anything is possible. My advisers have requested that I get one success under my belt, before funds are raised for my crazy inventions. So keep a lookout for project: oy, an all natural exfoliating scrub produced in Annapolis, MD. The future is bright, and I must stay focused!

Currently, I work as an intrapreneur by day. Something I never thought I'd do. I have been given the opportunity to work along side friends of mine at their startup. Now their business does fall within that 90-percentile aforementioned, but I get to apply skills to my friends empire, thus strengthening the alton.tech brand, and ultimately building my army. Success doesn't have to be lonely, and failure is only failure, when you give up.

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