Let the games begin.

Alton Alternative Technologies, is devoted to the advancement and implementation of innovation through disruptive inventions, and business models.

Based out of Annapolis, MD, and Baltimore, MD jointly, AAT will launch a series of highly advanced technology projects. Our primary project, Project: Angell, is devoted to the digital preservation of memories. Essentially creating the itunes of memories, disrupting multiple markets including Advertising, Video Gaming, Memories, Education, Business and more. There are numerous exaptations that could generate as a result of our intentions.

I am Jesse, and I am an entrepreneur. I am not afraid to dream big, and truly intend to change the world. I aim to create jobs, and continue to learn from my mistakes. Creativity is my vent, but Entrepreneurship is truly my passion.

Thank you for reading! Good luck to each of you on your own journeys.





Product Design and Strategy Consultancy. We help businesses focus on their value propositions to determine optimal marketing, design, and launch initiatives.

We move quickly through agile methods and iteration.


Interested in how we can support your design strategy? Say hello below, and a member of our team will reach out!

What's your passion?

Do you like building cool things? If you're passionate, work with us. We are currently working on XR(VR/AR) and Marketing Technologies. 

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