Project: Angell (AngellXR is live now)

Originally deemed, "The digital preservation of memories," the vision for AngellXR has evolved numerous times over the last 8 years. It has always been about creating an open Metaverse built on collaboration, and focused on providing value to all users. The metaverse should be accessible. Users should be able to participate and explore without ever spending any money. Obviously, spending money can have perks, but the metaverse should focus on freedom, accessibility, and the celebration of connectedness.


This project focuses on creating a central hub for both data creation, and data storage, of fully immersive memories. Users will be able to generate their own 3D worlds, and commercial applications enable a broad prospectus of markets. Through enabling other virtual reality companies, and providing support to related industries, we intend to build a cohesive, interactive environment for innovative advancement within any industry looking to leverage XR (VR / AR ) 


This project is not product dependent and does not compete with businesses in our industry. We seek to empower and connect the XR community. If you or your firm are currently involved in the VR or AR space, please contact us for more information. 

An early initiative focuses on open access to storage and retrieval of virtual assets. Picture the dropbox of user generated 360 degree video content, skins, ships, home-bases, and items.


Markets: Advertising, Military Applications, Video Gaming, Education, Professional Skills Training, Mental Disabilities, Time Travel, Keepsakes, Weddings and Events, and more. 

Inventor: Jesse Alton 2012

Status: Active - Building a Team