Hi, I'm Jesse Alton. My friends and I believe in the Open Metaverse.

I work with exceptional AI and XR Founders to co-create the open and interoperable Metaverse. We achieve more when we build together! Below you'll find links to my various interests, as well as my calendar. Please consider subscribing to my newsletter and show!

🧙 Magick ML →

Our vision is to bring the abundance enabled by AI to everyone. I began as an advisor, and have since become a cofounder serving as interim COO. Get on the waitlist here!

👾 AngellXR →

AngellXR champions the open Metaverse, nurturing creators and consumers alike. As the incubator hosting the Open Metaverse Interoperability Group (OMI), we're actively enhancing the Metaverse landscape. Join us in launching our next endeavor - a Metaverse fund for Interop focused Founders!

🤝 Open Metaverse Interoperability (OMI) →

I co-founded and co-chair OMI. We are passionate about uniting virtual worlds, and assets. We're developing open protocols and fostering a community of innovators. Eager to join the future of virtual interoperability? Connect with us on Discord and Github at

📺 the Metaverse Interop Show →

I started a show! Join me each week as we discuss Metaverse Interoperability, explore new product launches, and interview builders of the open Metaverse.

📰 Subscribe to my Newsletter →

I started a Blog! Join me each week as we discuss Metaverse Interoperability, explore new product launches, and interview builders of the open Metaverse - but for people who read!

📢 XR Showcase →

XRShowcase is an open-source platform for webXR experiences. It serves as a centralized hub for project URLs and celebrates the contributors to the accessible metaverse. Enjoy a hassle-free menu of experiences and contribute or remix the design.

🐮 Solutions Architect at Fearless →

At Fearless, a Civic-tech firm building software with a soul, I serve as a Sr. Solutions Architect and Product SME in Business Development. Since 2020, I've leveraged my expertise in product management, business development, and product design, contributing to over 70 projects in just 3 years.

🎓 Product | DataViz @ MICA →

I teach courses and workshops on Data Visualization and Product management at Maryland Institute College of Art. I helped create the Product Management Masters program!

💻 Portfolio pt. I: Github →

After a decade of spinning wheels, I finally started coding consistently in 2020. Now, I code daily, and use GitHub for workflow management. My main learning areas are threejs, react, and open-source projects like OMI.

🎨 Portfolio pt. II: Figma →

My old website, became an unmaintained space where I vented about the Metaverse and dumped ideas about the future. To view some of my design work, I suggest checking out my figma profile.

🖼️ Portfolio pt. III: Dribbble →

Check out my dribbble. It's not updated often, but it looks nice.

🏰 43 Diamond Rd. Scarcity, Voxels →

Visit our Voxels Parcel, and explore Scarcity Island. Stream live music and attend events on the rooftop, try on wearables on the second floor, and explore art in the basement.

☁ Get in touch on BlueSky! →

Whether you want to ask a question about our work, get involved in the conversation, or simply lurk, I can be found on BlueSky!

🐦 Get in touch on Twitter →

I have been testing out BlueSky as a decentralized alternative (see above), but I can still be found on twitter @mrmetaverse.

📆 Schedule a chat →

Grab a time on my calendar.