Hi, I'm Jesse Alton. My friends and I believe in the Open Metaverse.

I work with exceptional Metaverse founders focused on the open, and interoperable Metaverse. There are a lot of people with ideas about how it should work, and many of them refuse to bend the knee to each other. The only way the Metaverse will be realized is through collaboration and co-creation. It is only when we see ourselves as nodes in a much larger network, rather than competing to be the origin, that we can begin to realize our dream of the Metaverse existing. The possibilities are endless when we choose to work together.

👾 AngellXR →

AngellXR is a growing XR incubation community championing the interoperable, device-agnostic, human inspired, and fully open Metaverse. We collaborate on products and services that encourage more people to become Metaverse creators, consumers, and collaborators. We believe the Metaverse is for everyone, therefore anyone can add value to the Metaverse. We co-created and incubate the Open Metaverse Interoperability Group (OMI). Angell is currently raising a fund to launch our Metaverse incubator.

🤝 Open Metaverse Interoperability (OMI) →

I co-founded and currently co-chair OMI. The Open Metaverse Interoperability Group is focused on bridging virtual worlds by designing and promoting protocols for identity, social graphs, inventory, and more. Our members include businesses and individuals working towards this common goal. Aside from technical work, OMI aims to create a community of artists, creators, developers, and other innovators to discuss and explore concepts surrounding the design and development of interoperability across virtual worlds. Join us on Discord and Github by visiting our website"

🧙 Magick ML →

Our vision is to bring the abundance enabled by AI to everyone. I began as an advisor, and have since become a cofounder serving as interim COO. Get on the waitlist here!

📺 the Metaverse Interop Show →

I started a show! Join me each week as we discuss Metaverse Interoperability, explore new product launches, and interview builders of the open Metaverse.

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I started a Blog! Join me each week as we discuss Metaverse Interoperability, explore new product launches, and interview builders of the open Metaverse - but for people who read!

📢 XR Showcase →

XRShowcase started as a way of keeping all of our project URLs in one place. It quickly manifested itself as an open source showcase of webxr experiences. I coded this one myself, with the help of a few amazing people, and hope it serves as a beacon to spotlight the amazing contributors to the open and accessible metaverse. Plus, it's nice to have a menu of experiences without needing to fuss with a bunch of URLs. Add your experience, or remix the design here.

🐮 Product at Fearless →

I have the privledge of working with Fearless, a Civic-tech digital transformation firm that builds software with a soul. I have been a Product Manager at Fearless since 2020, and apply my product management, business development, and product design skills across various initiatives in and out of Fearless. This article from Fearless, shows just how supportive they have been of people like me.

🎓 Product | DataViz @ MICA →

I teach courses and workshops on Data Visualization and Product management at Maryland Institute College of Art. I helped create the Product Management Masters program!

💻 My Github →

Learning to code was a guilty chip on my shoulder for over a decade. I set out to do something about that last year, and have been steadily progressing ever since. I manage the majority of my workflows on github at this point, and code nearly every day. Currently focused on learning threejs and react, and supporting open source projects like OMI.

🎨 So you want to see my portfolio? Pt. 1: Figma →

My old website was made with Wix and became a lazy place to cry about the Metaverse, and dump my content without really maintaining it. If you want to see some of my design work, I recommend checking out this figma file. It changes all the time, and is a great way to see how I iterate and prototype my way to rapid alignment.

🖼️ So you want to see my portfolio? Pt. 2: Dribbble →

Is part one simply unacceptable for you? Do you crave animations, and a bit more evidence that I know how to design? Well, check out my dribbble. It's not updated often, but it looks nice.

🏰 43 Diamond Rd. Scarcity, Voxels →

Visit our Voxels Parcel, and explore Scarcity Island. Stream live music and attend events on the rooftop, try on wearables on the second floor, and explore art in the basement.

🐘 Get in touch on Mastodon →

Whether you want to ask a question about our work, get involved in the conversation, or simply lurk, I can always be found on Mastodon

🐦 Get in touch on Twitter →

I have been testing out Mastodon as a decentralized alternative (see above), but I can still be found on twitter @mrmetaverse.

🎩 Download my Resume →

Interested in hiring my team? You can download my resume from proton drive here.

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