Hi, I'm Jesse Alton. My friends and I believe in the Open Metaverse.

CEO of Virgent AI, and co-founder of Magick ML. My expertise in product management and design drives multimillion-dollar projects to success, aligning business objectives with user needs and the right technical approach. As co-chair of OMI, I champion open-source software and interoperability. My workshops are where strategic and creative paths converge, setting the pace for industry leadership and rapid innovation.

🤖 Virgent AI →

Virgent is a full service AI development agency. We consult, build, and integrate useful AI agents. Excited about AI, but unsure of where to begin? Get in touch here!

🤝 Open Metaverse Interoperability (OMI) →

I co-founded and co-chair OMI. We are passionate about uniting virtual worlds, and assets. We're developing open protocols and fostering a community of innovators. Eager to join the future of virtual interoperability? Connect with us on Discord and Github at

🧙 Magick ML →

Featured at Google I/O in 2023, Our vision is to bring the abundance enabled by AI to everyone. I began as an advisor, and became a cofounder. Start creating AI agents here!

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I write about AI agents, Metaverse Interoperability, and interview builders of the open Metaverse - Now with even more AI!

🐮 Sr Business Development Solutions Architect @ Fearless →

At Fearless, a Civic-tech firm building software with a soul, I serve as a Sr. Solutions Architect and Product SME in Business Development. Since 2020, I've leveraged my expertise in product management, business development, and product design, contributing to over 100 projects in just 4 years.

📺 the Metaverse Interop Show →

I started a show! We discuss Metaverse Interoperability, explore new product launches, and interview builders of the open Metaverse. Now with even more AI!

👾 AngellXR →

AngellXR is a community of champions the open Metaverse. We incubate projects, host hackathons, and learn together. Successful incubations include the Open Metaverse Interoperability Group (OMI).

🎓 Product | DataViz @ MICA →

I teach courses and workshops on Data Visualization and Product management at Maryland Institute College of Art. I helped create the Product Management Masters program!

💻 Connect on Github →

After a decade of spinning wheels, I finally started coding consistently in 2020. Now, I code daily, and use GitHub for workflow management. My main learning areas are threejs, react, and open-source projects like OMI.

📢 XR Showcase →

XRShowcase is an open-source portal to various WebXR experiences. It serves as a centralized hub for project URLs and celebrates the contributors to the accessible metaverse. Enjoy a hassle-free menu of experiences and contribute or remix the design.

🏰 43 Diamond Rd. Scarcity, Voxels →

Visit our Voxels Parcel, and explore Scarcity Island. Stream live music and attend events on the rooftop, try on wearables on the second floor, and explore art in the basement.

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